It was time to take action and support education, activism, and legislation change

The Blue Horizon International Foundation invests in and connects the world’s most transformative people, initiatives and organizations, to accelerate the removal of animals from the global food chain.


We identify people and organizations truly creating scalable positive impact through awareness and education. We partner with those whoknow how to disseminate accurate information in ways that change hearts and minds, and empower people around the globe to make kinder and more conscious food choices.


Animal activism is really tough work. Hard-working activists around the world need to be supported and connected to a global community of their peers. We do just this by investing in the most effective activist groups out there, and bringing them together through innovative partnerships.

Legislation & Systems Change

We partner with organizations and drive and support initiatives that advance wide-reaching, systematic change toward an animal-free global food system. These include: Legislation, food production systems, corporate and governmental partnerships and more.